Second Call for Papers
7th Asian Computing Science Conference
Hanoi, Vietnam, December 4-6, 2002


The popular success of the Internet is due in large part to the World Wide Web. The Web was initially designed as a system for the storage and retrieval of distributed data.

We are witnessing an evolution of the services supported by the Global Network. More and more, applications run over the net will consist in complex data search and retrieval (electronic commerce...), and high performance computing tasks, for the Laboratory user (physics, biology, ...), the Industrial user (aeronautics, pharmaceutics, ...) as well as for the end user (weather services, stock market, ... ).

For the middleware and application developers, Internet is now more and more seen as a programming environment for data mining, data processing, cooperative work etc. This has lead to "Internet Computing", a fast growing scientific area, encompassing distributed computing and networking.

Together with the associated concepts of Grids and Peer-to-Peer exchanges, Internet Computing is the source of several scientific and technological challenges. Among those: the efficient and fair sharing of the globalized resources, and the total yet transparent security of exchanges of data.

The ASIAN 2002 conference will seek contributions of theoretical computer science to two major themes:

Theme 1:
Internet Computing and Modeling
Theme 2:
Grid, peer-to-peer and cluster computing


Submissions are to be sent to Alain JEAN-MARIE before July 28, 2002. The preferred form is a PostScript or PDF file sent by electronic mail to
Alternately, paper copies may be sent in triplicate to:
161 Rue ADA
34392 MONTPELLIER Cedex 05
The proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag in the LNCS series. Please prepare your manuscript using the series' style, following the instructions at: Springer's page. The proceedings papers will be limited to 15 pages.


Paper submission deadline: NEW DEADLINE: July 28, 2002
Acceptance notification: August 31, 2002
Final paper due: September 15, 2002


The series of annual Asian Computing Science Conferences (ASIAN) was initiated in 1995 by AIT, INRIA and UNU/IIST to provide a forum for researchers in computer science from the Asian region and to promote interaction with researchers from other regions. The first six conferences have been held, respectively, in Bangkok, Singapore, Katmandu, Manila, Phuket and Penang. In addition to support from the host countries, they have also been sponsored by INRIA, France, UNU/IIST, Macau and NUS, Singapore. The proceedings have been published as Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer-Verlag. Past ASIAN conferences have included invited talks from Z. Manna (keynote speaker, 95), Ph. Flajolet, G. Berry, D. Harel (96), J.-C. Bolot, G. Smolka, D. Tygar, M. Rabin (97), N. Ayache, R. Bryant, M.N. Velev, J. Wing (98), S. Hayashi, C. Kirchner, A. Pnueli (99), N. Halbwachs, K. Palem, J. Vuillemin (00), R. Kotagiri, A. Jean-Marie.


General co-Chairs:
Kanchana KANCHANASUT (AIT, Thailand) Kazunori UEDA (Waseda U., Japan)

Steering Committee:
Shigeki GOTO (Waseda U., Japan) Stéphane Grumbach (INRIA, France)
Joxan JAFFAR (NUS, Singapore) R.K. SHYAMASUNDAR (TIFR Bombay, India)
Gilles KAHN (INRIA, France) Kazunori UEDA (Waseda U., Japan)
Kanchana KANCHANASUT (AIT, Thailand) Zhou CHAOCHEN (UNU/IIST, Macau)

Program Committee:
Chadi BARAKAT (INRIA, France) Denis CAROMEL (U. Nice Sophia/INRIA/CNRS-I3S/IUF, Fr.)
Frederic DESPREZ (ENS Lyon, France) Alain JEAN-MARIE (U. Montpellier 2, France), chair
Kanchana KANCHANASUT (AIT, Thailand) Zhen LIU (IBM Yorktown Heights, USA)
Phong NGUYEN (ENS Paris, France) CongDuc PHAM (INRIA/U. Lyon 1, France)
Brigitte PLATEAU (IMAG Grenoble, France) Shinji SHIMOJO (Osaka U., Japan)
Kian-Lee TAN (NUS, Singapore) Yong-Meng TEO (NUS, Singapore)
Putchong UTHAYOPAS (Kasetsart U., Thailand) Kenichi YOSHIDA (U. Tsukuba, Japan)
Li ZHANG (IBM Yorktown Heights, USA)

Local Organization Chair:
Pr. Nguyen Cong THANH, Director, Asian Institute of Technology, Vietnam

Local Organization Committee:
Nguyen THI BICH HOA Patcharee BASU


Jacques Stern (ENS Paris, France) will be the keynote speaker on Cryptography.
Brigitte Plateau (IMAG Grenoble, France) will talk on Grid/Cluster computing.