7th Asian Computing Science Conference
Hanoi Sofitel Plaza
Hanoi, Vietnam
4-6 December 2002

Wednesday December 4, 2002, morning
8:50 Opening Ceremony

8:30 Registration and Arrival of Participants and guests
8:50 Introduction by ASIAN'02 General Chair
9:00 Address by Conference PC Chair (Alain Jean-Marie)
9:10 Address by ASIAN Steering Committee (Gilles Kahn)
9:20 Address by AIT President (represented by Prof Thanh)
9:30 Opening Address by Prof Tran Van Nhung, Vice Minister of MOET
10:00 General Chair invites participants for Coffee

10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Contributed papers: Parallel and distributed programming
Distributed Checkpointing on Clusters with Dynamic Striping and Staggering
Hai Jin, Kai Hwang
Shortcut Replay: A Replay Technique for Debugging Long-Running Parallel Programs
Nam Thoai, Dieter Kranzlmuller, Jens Volkert
11:30 Contributed papers: Graphs and Algorithms
On the list colouring problem
Olivier Cogis, Jean-Claude König, Jérôme Palaysi
On determining the Minimum Length Resolution Refutation of 2SAT
and Extended 2SAT formulas
K. Subramani
12:30 Lunch Break

Wednesday December 4, 2002, afternoon
14:00 Invited Talk
Shimojo Shinji
Automatic Composition mechanism with movie grammar.
15:00 Coffee Break
15:30 Contributed papers: Caching
Data Storage and Stream Caching for Video on Demand Servers
Putra Sumari, Hailiza Kamarulhaili
Analysis of Caching Mechanisms from Sporting Event Web Sites
Z. Liu, M.S. Squillante, C.H. Xia, S.-Z. Yu, L. Zhang, N.M. Malouch, P.M. Dantzig

Wednesday December 4, 2002, evening
19:30 Conference Dinner

Thursday December 5, 2002, morning
8:30 Invited Talk
Brigitte Plateau
The Grid: Challenges and Research Issues
9:30 Contributed papers: Computational grids and cluster computing
N-Body Problem on the ALiCE Grid System
Ho Dac Phuong, Teo Yong Meng
Experience and Practice of Developing a Brain Functional Analysis System
using ICA on a Grid Environment
Takeshi Kaishima, Yuko Muzuno-Matsumoto, Susumu Date, Shinji Shimojo
10:30 Coffee Break
11:00 Contributed papers: Grid Infrastructure
A Scalable Approach to Network Enabled Servers
Philippe Combes, Frederic Lombard, Martin Quinson, Frederic Suter
A Server Selection Method based on Communication Delay and Communication Frequency
among Users for Networked Virtual Reality Systems
Kazutoshi Fujikawa, Masato Hori, Shinji Shimojo, Hideo Miyahara
Towards an Application-aware Multicast Communication Framework for Computational Grids
M. Maimour, C. Pham
12:30 Lunch Break

Thursday December 5, 2002, afternoon
14:00 Invited workshop: Workshop on Southeast Asian Computing Research

Friday December 6, 2002, morning
9:00 Invited Talk
Alessandro Bassi
The Logistical Backbone: Scalable Infrastructure for Global Data Grids
10:00 Coffee Break
10:30 Contributed papers: Network resource allocation and routing
Dynamic Resource Allocation in Core Routers of a Diffserv Network
Rares Serban, Chadi Barakat, Walid Dabbous
Performance analysis of flow loss probability and link utilization
in MPLS networks for Traffic Engineering
Hitomi Tamura, Kenji Kawahara, Yuji Oie
Multiconstraint QoS Routing using a Path-Vector Protocol
Kitt Tientanopajai, Kanchana Kanchanasut
12:00 Lunch Break

Friday December 6, 2002, afternoon
13:30 Contributed papers: Advanced Internet Applications
Design and Implementation of a Web-based Internet Broadcasting System
on QoS Multicast Routers
Masatsugu Tonoike, Takaaki Komura, Kenji Fujikawa, Yasuo Okabe and Katsuo Ikeda
Web-based Middleware for Home Entertainment
Daiki Ueno, Ichiro Satoh, Kouta Soejima, Hiroo Ishiawa and Tatsuo Nakajima
MicroBill : An Efficient Secure System for Subscription based Services
R.K. Shyamasundar, Siddharth Deshmukh
15:00 Closing Address and Coffee Break

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